Jameson First shot 2015 Short Films

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– Jameson First shot 2015 is a competition for young directors and the prize for the three winners of this year was that their short films would be starring Adrien Brody.

– Adrien protagoniza los tres cortometrajes ganadores del Jameson First Shot 2015, concurso para jóvenes directores cuyos premios para los 3 ganadores de este año fue que sus cortometrajes sean protagonizados por Adrien Brody. Ver los cortometrajes completos en youtube.

See full short films bellow.


Short Films Winners: 

“The Mascot” By: Mark Middlewick


“Boredom” By: Stephan Tempier


“The Library Book” By: Travis Calvert


(Video credit: Jameson Irish Whiskey)

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