The model Lara Leito about Adrien Brody.

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On May 05, 2015, the ‘top model’ of Russian origin was in Spain on a fashion show in Barcelona for designer Rosa Clara.

She has three years of dating but without wedding plans with actor Adrien Brody.

Lara Leito, in the 'fitting'. Photo by: ANTONIO MORENO
Lara Leito, in the ‘fitting’. Photo by: ANTONIO MORENO

The model of Russian origin Lara Leito (21), current girlfriend Adrien Brody (41) traveled from California to Barcelona for a fashion show to the designer Rosa Clara in The Barcelona Bridal Week.

Before the show, on Tuesday May 5, the ‘top model’ attended the site to present the ‘fitting’ collection with other ‘top’, Clara Alonso.

After waiting her appearance more time than usual in the ‘celebrities’, very discreet and shy to be a top, she appeared before the media model clad in a design inspired by the twenties with tulip-shaped skirt design. Apparently, the delay was because she was dizzy twice and still felt ill. The idea about pregnancy with actor was inevitable among those present. Quickly she says:

I like children, everyone was once a child. I like watching them and care for them, I would get [childrens] in the future but I still see it as something far away.

Adrien and she met in 2012 at the Cannes Film Festival, from that day they are dating and have not separated. Maybe because “We are not possessive” recalls Lara.

So far, the most serious girlfriend that he met after his romance with Elsa Pataky, but as Lara mentioned, we are no plans of marriage:

“All the girls would like to marry someday, but I’m not ready”

And visibly uncomfortable alluded the name of his famous couple, she said:

“Nobody has asked me and nobody answered. I do not know when the day will come… That everything has to happen be naturally. We will see”.

But said she would like to dress like “a princess” with “a slight tail-end”. Would use two dress, “a long dress for the ceremony and one short for the party”. The place for her is not important, no think of castles princesses, said that for her: “Any place is fine if you marry with the person you love” adding ” the beach would be a good place”.

The model also showed the elegance and simplicity of dresses Rosa Clara and said: “As soon as I received the proposal to come to Barcelona looked at the new collection of Rosa Clara and I really love the chic and beautiful they are, his designs also perfectly suited to my personality, I like feeling “nice and simple”.

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Translated by: @brodyfansite Adrien Brody Fansite

Photos: gettyimages

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