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“Come together” the new christmas spot starring Adrien Brody for H&M.

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This Monday, H&M presented their most recent Christmas spot “Come together” directed by Wes Anderson, starring Adrien Brody.


The filmmaker Wes Anderson recently directed a surprise short film for Swedish clothing company H&M starring Adrien Brody called “Come Together.” Every frame is unmistakably Anderson, and the setting for the short — a moving train — makes the nearly four-minute spot feel like a little brother to “The Darjeeling Limited.”

Brody plays a character named Conductor Ralph, who has to inform passengers on Christmas that challenging weather conditions and mechanical difficulties have delayed their train nearly 12 hours. “Come Together,” which features a song by John Lennon, is not the first short form project Anderson has directed for a brand.

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Credits: video from H&M youtube channel.

Adrien Brody at the 2016 ART021 Shanghai Exhibition (Photos)

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The actor, producer and Artist, Adrien Brody present his Art Serie “Hooked” for the 1st time in China at the 2016 ART021 Shanghai Exhibition on November 10-11, 2016.

Read more about Adrien Brody at the 2016 Art021 here.


Credits: weibo and instagram accounts. 


Adrien Brody present his Art serie “Hooked” in Shanghai – China. (2016 ART021)

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The actor, producer and Artist, Adrien Brody present his Art Serie “Hooked” for the 1st time in China at the 2016 ART021 Shanghai Exhibition on November 10, 2016.


“Hooked” by Adrien Brody. His stand at the 2016 ART021 Shanghai exhibition. November 10, 2016 .

2016 ART021 Shanghai Exhibition: ART021, is an event held every year in Shanghai, China’s most important city. This year the guest of honor was the artist Adren Brody, who was presenting his second series of paintings to the press and visitors on this city.

There is no doubt that since his debut as an artist last year, Adrien Brody has captivated with his painting.

We show you some photos of the event !!



“Hooked” is his second art serie, presented last May 08 in New York. Previously, the Oscar winner had presented his first series of paintings titled “Hotdogs, Hamburgers and Handguns” at the Art Basel in Miami on 2015.

About his first art serie:


“Hotdogs, Hamburgers and Handguns” November 2015.

On “Hotdogs, Hamburgers and Handguns” Brody says:

“It’s an exploration of how, in our culture, we gravitate toward instant gratification. That guns are as commonplace as fast food. There’s a parallel between the way we reach for a hamburger to solve our hunger pangs and reach for a handgun to solve greater issues. I also want to delve into the conflicting messages that we receive as a young age, especially as boys, to play with guns.”


Second Art serie “Hooked”


“Hooked” by Adrien Brody at the Art New York 2016 event.

“Hooked” is about fish-inspired paintings, sculptures and even a skateboard. Brody says his inspirations include everything from Japanese koi to Warhol’s 20-year consumption of Campbell’s soup.

“This series references our culture’s evolution to being “hooked” on convenience and instant gratification,” says Brody.

I’ve always loved fish. They are a wonderful example of something so delicate and so bright and alive, in the ocean they exist in the dark depths and I see that as a metaphor for the ability of the spirit and of life to shine bright in the darkness. In my first series, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Handguns, I reflect more on the overt darker elements that I feel are weighing on us in our society. Violence is ever-present and a threat that exists is something that is intangible and something that is very tangible. And in this series I am much more into that, although I touch on a bit of darkness with the carelessness of consumers, a modern world exudes and enables people to be less conscious, be part of what I find important, and the story telling here is we have to acknowledge the lightness within us and also recognize and care for the fragility in the world around us. The fish that live in that world are obviously victimized by our carelessness and perhaps under appreciated. – Adrien Brody (May 2016).


Read more about Adrien Brody’s artwork: clic here.



Photos: weibo accounts.


Details, photos and more about the film “Emperor”

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Genre: Action / adventure

Director: Lee Tamahori.

Script: Michael Thomas, Jeffrey Hatcher

Release Date: ????


Johanna ‘Of Ghent’ (Sophie Cookson), a feisty and daring 21-year-old infiltrates the court of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (Adrien Brody) to avenge the death of her father at a time when the emperor is struggling to hold together a fragmented empire in a world of wealth, debauchery, intrigue and treason.


Academy Award-winner Adrien Brody playing legendary Emperor Charles V, with Paz Vega as Queen Mary of Hungary, Oliver Platt as Pope Clement VII, Bill Skarsgard as Philip II of Spain, Eddie Marsan as Martin Luther, Sophie Cookson as Johanna and with as  German superstar Thomas Kretschmann and movie legend Rutger Hauer also in the stellar cast.


Is currently in post-production and the release date is unknown for problems with the production company. The film has been completed and is in post production since 2015.










Adrien Brody as the legendary Emperor Charles V.




LEE TAMAHORI’S EMPEROR is an action epic about a young girl who seeks revenge on the holy Roman Emperor Charles V for the death of her father by infiltrating his royal court. It happens in a world of wealth, debauchery, violent retaliations, sex, manipulation and treason in which Charles V is trying to hold together a fragmented empire… it’s the 16th century revisited!

Charles V was a Duke of Burgundy and Holy Roman Emperor who ruled a massive Empire in which the sun never set including the Spanish Empire, Holy Roman Empire, Habsburg Netherlands and extensive territories in western, central, and southern Europe, and the Spanish colonies in the Americas and Asia where he sanctioned the conquest by Castillian conquistadors of the Aztec and Inca empires. Although the four decades of his rule were marked by many wars (mostly against France, German princes and the Ottoman Sultan) in the end he abdicated in order to live and then die in a monastery instead on a battle field.

Filming and behind the scenes:




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