The fansite has been update!

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Hello everyone.
I came to communicate that the site has been totally update. 🙂 Currently we are adding content and some categories are under construction.
It has been edited posts, tags and categories. We have added the category: Archives, where you will find Articles, Photos and Videos Archiveshere.

We have updated the biography, filmography and added more content → here

We are also creating Photo Galleries on Flickr by categories as Film Production, Public Appearance, etc  here.

For Latin or Spanish fans, you can also visit the category: Translations to Spanish, made with much love for the fans. 🙂 → here

So important: this fansite has just adopted the “Candids Policy”. You can read more about here.

Thanks a million to all followers and everyone who visits it every day. Remember that, this site is dedicated to our favorite actor and entirely to fans of him.

We hope you enjoy all the changes!

boton brody fansite 002

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