The fansite has been update!

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Hello everyone.
I came to communicate that the site has been totally update. 🙂 Currently we are adding content and some categories are under construction.
It has been edited posts, tags and categories. We have added the category: Archives, where you will find Articles, Photos and Videos Archiveshere.

We have updated the biography, filmography and added more content → here

We are also creating Photo Galleries on Flickr by categories as Film Production, Public Appearance, etc  here.

For Latin or Spanish fans, you can also visit the category: Translations to Spanish, made with much love for the fans. 🙂 → here

So important: this fansite has just adopted the “Candids Policy”. You can read more about here.

Thanks a million to all followers and everyone who visits it every day. Remember that, this site is dedicated to our favorite actor and entirely to fans of him.

We hope you enjoy all the changes!

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Dear fandom. ♥

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Hello dear fandom.

It’s the admin of this site.
I want to comment on the reason for my inactivity in all social networks fansite.

I have not forgotten this site, I have occupations in my University. I want to tell you a little of my life, I’m just a fan, a student from Economy and this career takes a long time and I’ve been busy for homework and projects of this semester, now I’m on vacation and I can spend more time on social networks . 🙂

Adrien Brody Fansite, was created long time ago with love for the fans and for our favorite actor Adrien Brody, who consider it a great actor, a person of good heart and very respectful.

This site is very important to me and makes me sad not being able to spend a long time since. I’ve noticed that you always visit fans all social networks ♥, I have seen all his visits.

For all this, I’m sorry, but I promise to devote part of my time to keep them informed about our favorite actor ♥.

Thank you for understanding and stay here.

Greetings and a big hug to all who follow Adrien Brody Fansite. 🙂

PD: Sorry my english. xD

Is much to do. Well, get to work!

– Liss (Adm)

Hola fandom.

Soy la admin de este sitio, quería hacer comentarios sobre la razón de mi inactividad en todas las redes sociales del fansite.

No crean que he olvidado este lugar, el motivo ha sido simplemente que he tenido muchas ocupaciones en la universidad. Quiero contarles un poco de mi vida, yo soy sólo una fan, una estudiante de la carrera de Economía y esto lleva mucho tiempo y he estado muy ocupada con tareas y proyectos de este semestre.

Adrien Brody fansite, fue creado hace mucho tiempo con gran cariño para nuestro actor favorito Adrien Brody y para todos los fans que lo consideran un gran actor, una persona de buen corazón y muy respetuoso.

Este sitio es muy importante para mí y me pone triste por no ser capaz de pasar mucho tiempo aquí.

No puedo simplemente dejar abandonado este sitio, ya que a través de las estadísticas, me he dado cuenta de que siempre visitan todas las redes sociales ♥.

Por todo esto, lo siento, pero prometo dedicar parte de mi tiempo para mantenerlos informados acerca de nuestro actor favorito. Hay mucho por hacer, así que, manos a la obra!!

Gracias por su comprensión y estancia aquí. ♥

Saludos y un fuerte abrazo a todos los que siguen Adrien Brody fansite. 🙂

  • Liss.


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Hello World!

Welcome to AdrienBrody-Fansite, your best and ultimate online source for everything about Adrien Brody in English and Spanish.

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We are fans of this great actor and this site aims to share news and info with all the fans who support the career of Mr. Brody.

Here you’ll find all the latest news, photos, videos, updates and media on Adrien’s work in english and spanish. 🙂

If you’re a fan of Adrien, you like his work or movies, visit us daily and follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook and Youtube.

Thanks for you visit and come back soon. ♥


  • Liss (Admin)