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New short film with Adrien Brody for the 60 years of Fiat 500.

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New short film with Adrien Brody for the 60 year of Fiat 500.


The short film will be air this evening on Rai, Mediaset, Sky and Discovery his first short film, which will also be visible on YouTube in a longer version.

Fiat christened their first short movie to celebrate the 500th birthday: “See you in the future”.

The spot, filmed by Leo Burnett, is set in Milan in the 1960s and plays on the contrast between elements of that period and our days. The spot will be broadcast on YouTube in a 4-minute long version. Directed by Ago Panini while the production is from Movie Magic International. Planning is both off-line and online with Starcom.



“Come together” the new christmas spot starring Adrien Brody for H&M.

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This Monday, H&M presented their most recent Christmas spot “Come together” directed by Wes Anderson, starring Adrien Brody.


The filmmaker Wes Anderson recently directed a surprise short film for Swedish clothing company H&M starring Adrien Brody called “Come Together.” Every frame is unmistakably Anderson, and the setting for the short — a moving train — makes the nearly four-minute spot feel like a little brother to “The Darjeeling Limited.”

Brody plays a character named Conductor Ralph, who has to inform passengers on Christmas that challenging weather conditions and mechanical difficulties have delayed their train nearly 12 hours. “Come Together,” which features a song by John Lennon, is not the first short form project Anderson has directed for a brand.

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Credits: video from H&M youtube channel.

Jameson First shot 2015 Short Films

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– Jameson First shot 2015 is a competition for young directors and the prize for the three winners of this year was that their short films would be starring Adrien Brody.

– Adrien protagoniza los tres cortometrajes ganadores del Jameson First Shot 2015, concurso para jóvenes directores cuyos premios para los 3 ganadores de este año fue que sus cortometrajes sean protagonizados por Adrien Brody. Ver los cortometrajes completos en youtube.

See full short films bellow.


Short Films Winners: 

“The Mascot” By: Mark Middlewick


“Boredom” By: Stephan Tempier


“The Library Book” By: Travis Calvert


(Video credit: Jameson Irish Whiskey)