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» AdrienBrodyFansite is an admirers’ site dedicated to actor and artist Adrien Brody and his work. And certain to be the biggest archive regarding Adrien Brody with detailed info about Adrien, his movies, news, article archives, spanish translations and over 1500 (no Paparazzi) pics. Also downloads, goodies like avatars and wallpapers, quotes, facts and a discussion forum (on facebook), always respecting Adrien’s privacy.

ABF is the best and ultimate online source for everything about Adrien Brody in English and Spanish. Run by fans for fans.

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AdrienBrodyFansite is an unofficial supporting website dedicated to the actor and artist Adrien Brody. This website is run by fans for fans. We are not associated with Adrien, his management, co-workers or family members.
All pictures and other media are copyright to their original and respective owners and are used for entertainment only. This site is non-profit and no copyright infringement is intended. If you want any context removed from the site, feel free to contact me.

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Site name: AdrienBrody-Fansite
Open Since: February 6, 2015
Domain:  ( Soon!)
Founder: Liss
Admins: Liss, Danna

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This fansite is strictly against any paparazzi or stalkerazzi pictures. We will not support any kind of bashing or privacy intrusion into Adrien’s life and/or the one of people around him. He is our favorite actor, he is a great person and very kind, he likes privacy, that is why we respect his private and intimate life and we not post any gossip or rumors on private life matters.
The gallery contains just paparazzi photos related to Adrien’s work, such as on-set photos and promotional related (arriving or leaving TV Shows, on filming set, behind scenes etc…). We are here to support Adrien through his career. His personal life is his own business.

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Help us expand AdrienBrody-Fansite and make it the top online resource for everything Adrien by donating content!

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» Fanpics: Photos you took with Adrien
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» Captures of Adrien’s projects we don’t have
» Magazine scans featuring Adrien
» Rare photoshoots we haven’t traced yet
» Icons (100x100px) you made
» Wallpapers or any other kind of graphic
» FanArt: drawings, vectors ect.

Send the content you wish to donate to with the subject “Donation”.
We’d be extremely happy to post anything you send us. All donations will be 100% credited!

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