Adrien Brody And Miss Al Simpson Release Their First Cryptographs

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Adrien Brody (left) and Miss Al Simpson (right) holding their Cryptographs

We are proud to announce that Cryptographs from the artists Adrien Brody and Miss Al Simpson are now on auction at

Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody is an award winning American actor, producer and artist. He received widespread recognition and acclaim after starring in The Pianist, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor at age twenty-nine, making him the youngest actor to ever win in that category. He is a Hollywood icon who has starred in numerous films including; The Thin Red Line, The Village, King Kong, Predators, Midnight In Paris as well as starring in many of Wes Anderson’s iconic movies. Alongside his acting (after being encouraged by an French artist friend of his) Adrien re-discovered painting. He is now an accomplished painter and sculptor and his work has been exhibited at Art Basel in Miami and Frieze Art Week in New York. Art is very much in his DNA given that his mother is a photographer and his father is a talented painter. He has said that painting was something that he always loved when he was younger and that he had dreamt of coming back to one day and so now he is joyfully pursuing his newly re-discovered artistic creativity. He has in the past donated much of his artwork to charity raising significant funds for the causes that he supports and his Cryptograph now represents his first ever piece of digital NFT art.

Adrien Brody’s Cryptograph

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Adrien Brody’s Cryptograph ‘Absence Of Grandeur’

Adrien Brody’s Cryptograph is his first ever artwork on the blockchain, it is called Absence of Grandeur. It is a brooding piece of abstract art that depicts a series of dark inky lines spread over a white surface surface creating an effect that looks almost like ice fissures or shattered glass. One can definitely see an element of Pollock in Adrien’s Cryptograph and perhaps also an element of Joan Mitchell. He has masterfully managed to make it look as though his fissures have been dripped or poured onto the canvas when in fact he created it on a tablet using a stylus. Adrien gives no clues as to the meaning behind his Cryptograph and he prefers to let the viewer infer what they will from it.

Absence of Grandeur

Adrien Brody’s Cryptograph is his first ever artwork on the blockchain, it is called Absence of Grandeur. It is a brooding abstract piece that depicts a series of dark inky lines spread over a white surface surface creating an almost shattered glass like effect. There is definitely an element of Pollock in his Cryptograph and he has masterfully managed to make it look as though his lines have been dripped or poured onto a canvas when in fact it was created on a tablet with a stylus. His Cryptograph is supporting the environment and helping to combat climate change.

Miss Al Simpson

Miss Al Simpson (a.k.a Anna Louise Simpson) is an artist based in Edinburgh who loves to use black ink and collage in her work. Her artistic style draws influence from Kippenburger and Rauschenberg and yet is entirely her own. Her work often takes the form of digital collages that are made up of layers of printed materials, found objects, photographs and oil paint. Her work also often has a pseudo graffiti element to it, with a number of her works having a mural quality to them as though they have been spray painted onto concrete. The figures she uses in her artwork often come from vintage movies and fashion magazines and have a fragile quality to them. Her work is well known on many of the crypto art platforms and she has also exhibited at leading contemporary art galleries and at art fairs including Berlin Art Week in 2019 and Art Basel Miami 2019.

Miss Al Simpson’s Cryptograph

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Miss Al Simpson’s Cryptograph ‘Eyes Of Argos’

Miss Al Simpson’s Cryptograph is inspired by the gracious animal, the Greyhound. In the centre of her artwork you can see a portrait of a Greyhound peering out behind a female figure set amongst a gritty street like background. Miss Al Simpson says that Mythology has always been close to her heart and the classical Greek epic, The Odyssey, is what lies at the heart of her Cryptograph. The title of her piece is ‘Argos Eyes’ which is based upon the moving reunion that occurs between Odysseus and his dog (a greyhound) called Argos after he returns to Ithaca from his long and arduous journey from Troy. As Miss Al Simpson writes:

“When Odysseus finally arrives back at his homeland, reckless suitors have taken over his house in the hope of marrying his wife Penelope. In order to secretly re-enter his house to ultimately spring a surprise attack on the suitors, Odysseus disguises himself as a beggar. As Odysseus approaches his home, he finds Argos (his loyal greyhound) lying neglected on a pile of cow manure, infested with ticks, old and very tired. This is a sharp contrast to the dog Odysseus left behind; Argos used to be known for his speed and strength and his superior tracking skills. Unlike everyone else, Argos recognizes Odysseus at once and he has just enough strength to drop his ears and wag his tail but cannot get up to greet his master. Unable to greet his beloved dog, as this would betray who he really was, Odysseus passes by (but not without shedding a tear) and enters his hall, and Argos dies. The simplicity of the relationship between Argos and Odysseus here allows their reunion to be immediate and sincere. This has to be the most poignant moment of the whole story of the Odyssey. It is only on returning from the adventure that we realise what we have lost in the journey; the thing that was the most loyal and simple of all. The love of a loyal dog. That is the inspiration behind this piece and the, Eyes of Argos, will always depict the true love of friendship.”

Miss Al Simpson has dedicated her Cryptograph to not only her dog, Barney (a Collie Cross), who was her best friend but also to all the other dogs out there in the world who all make our lives so much better.

Adrien Brody and Miss Al Simpson are two accomplished artists who have both produced very beautiful and meaningful Cryptographs. Adrien’s Cryptograph is helping to support the environment and combat climate change and Miss Al Simpson’s is supporting the Greyhound Trust charity, who help look after and re-home retired Greyhounds. We are very proud to have them both on the Cryptograph platform.

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