Adrien Brody and Leo Dicaprio visited Mt. Leuser National Park in Sumatra on 2016/03/27

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American actor Leonardo DiCaprio waves to fans during the Japanese premiere of his new movie The Revenant in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday. The environmental campaigner paid a visit to Mount Leuser National Park, located in Aceh and North Sumatra provinces, on March 27, 2016.

Accompanied by fellow actors Adrien Brody and Fisher Stevens, he took a tour around the park’s research facility in Ketambe, Southeast Aceh regency. During their visit, they met three Sumatran orangutans and closely watched the great apes’ behavior.

DiCaprio waves to spectators while crossing the Alas River accompanied by fellow actors Adrien Brody and Fisher Stevens during his trip to Mount Leuser National Park.

According to DiCaprio’s official website, his 1998-launched foundation is partnering with Acehnese conservationist Rudi Putra to create a wildlife sanctuary in the Leuser ecosystem of Aceh. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is set to support Rudi’s project to maintain the forest by constructing barriers, training wildlife patrols and rangers, and recording and reporting ongoing habitat destruction.




Info: The Jakarta Post